Kaching Mobile makes your business more efficient. Kaching Mobile streamlines the ordering process, gives greater mobility in high volume kitchen environments and allows you to track your profitability and generate reports.

Faster Orders

  • Keep up with your customers.
  • Be more efficient in high volume situations.

Detailed Sales and Profitability Reports

  • Instantly see sales and profits.
  • Track your bestselling items.
  • Keep more detailed tax records.

Wireless Printing

  • No more handwritten orders.
  • Print clear receipts for customers.
  • For more information visit the printer support page.

Customizable Menus

  • Experiment with different versions of your menu.
  • Try out multiple price points for similar items.

Customizable Locations

  • Easily transition from location to location.
  • Easily deal with different locations' tax rates.

Pricing Made Easy

  • Supports both tax-included and tax-added pricing systems.
  • Adjusts your tax-included prices as you move from location to location.

Email Receipts

  • Reduces waste for both you and your customers.