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General Questions
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General Questions


Why is there an “E” next to some items?

Those items are marked as tax-exempt.

Why is the price of my items less on the receipt than what I set?

When “Tax Included in Prices” is on, Kaching will subtract the tax from the price. You can change this at the top of the items screen.

What does “Tax Included in Prices” mean?

This means the price you set is the final price the customer pays. If this is off, tax is added to the item price. Example:

  • Item price is $8.00, tax is 10%
  • Tax Included: Customer pays $8 (receipt shows $7.27 item + $0.73 tax)
  • Tax Not Included: Customer pays $8.80 (receipt shows $8.00 item + $0.80 tax)
  • This setting does not affect tax-exempt items.


How do I delete an accidental order?

Void the order from the recent orders screen.

If you really want to delete orders, see “How do I delete all my orders?”

How do I void an order?

On the recent orders screen, touch the order and then the void button at the bottom. Orders can easily be un-voided so don’t worry.

What does voiding an order do?

This removes it form normal reporting – it will only be counted in the “Voided Orders” section of the sales report.

How do I download my order data?

On the reports screen, touch “Email Order Data”. A spreadsheet of your orders will be attached to an email, limited by the start/end dates and locations selected.

To download your entire order history, on the settings screen, select “Email All Order Data”.

How do I delete all my orders?

  • Send yourself all the order data by touching “Email All Order Data” from the settings screen.
  • Touch “Delete All Orders” from the settings screen.
  • If you want to delete a single order, you’re better off voiding it instead.


How do I remove “Sent from my iPhone” from the bottom of the receipt when emailing?

That is the standard email signature and is controlled through your iPhone’s email settings (outside of Kaching).


Printer Support


How can I get a receipt/ticket printer?

See our printer support page.

How do I add my printer to Kaching?

Your printer will come with the wifi network name/password and IP address shown on the front.

  1. Turn the printer on. (hold the power button for 3 seconds)
  2. Use your iPhone to join the printer’s wifi network. (type the password carefully)
  3. Wait for your iPhone to join (~15 seconds).
  4. In Kaching, goto “Settings” -> “Printers”.
  5. Confirm the IP Address matches what’s on the printer.
  6. Print a test receipt, you’re done!
  7. Email if you have any problems.


How do I make my iPhone auto-join the Printer’s wifi?

  1. Go to your iPhone’s wifi settings.
  2. Navigate to the details for your printer’s wifi.
  3. Turn on “Automatically join this network”.


How do I make my iPhone connect more quickly when it wakes up?

  1. Go to your iPhone’s wifi settings.
  2. Navigate to the details for your printer’s wifi.
  3. Select “Static” instead of “DHCP”.
  4. For the IP Address, enter “″ (your second phone would be
  5. For the netmask, enter “″ (same for multiple phones)


Can I print from multiple iPhones?

Yes, just add the printer to Kaching on each phone.

How do I configure the printer?

We do all the printer configuration for you. If you got your printer from another supplier (not recommended), please email for instructions.

Can I use multiple printers?

Yes, Kaching supports printing simultaneously to multiple printers. Email for how to set this up.


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